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Dear colleagues,

The titles below are currently available for review in
_Discourse&Society_ and/or _Discourse Studies_  and/or _Discourse and
Communication_. If you are interested in serving as a
reviewer, pls contact the book review editor at ingrid.piller at with
the title/s you are interested in, your full postal address, and a *brief*
description of your qualifications, research interests and fields of

The following points might help you in your decision whether or not to
offer to review books in your field of expertise:

*Book reviewing is an important service to the academic community.

*Your review should normally reach me within three months of your
receipt of the book. 

*The normal length of a book review in our journals is 1,000 words. Your
review should provide an overview of the contents of the book as well
as a well-argued judgment regarding its place in the field and its likely
importance to the readers of our journals. Mere content summaries are

*Further information about each journal is available at these websites:;;

*Your review will normally be published within twelve months after
acceptance of your manuscript. Following publication of the issue which
contains your review, you will receive an electronic offprint in pdf-format.

Thank you for your attention and best wishes,

Ingrid Piller
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Aalto, Nancy and Ewald Reuter, Eds. (2006). Aspects of intercultural
dialogue: theory, research, applications. Cologne, Saxa.
Alatas, Syed Farid (2006). Alternative discourses in Asian social science:
responses to Eurocentrism. New Delhi, Sage.
Allan, Keith and Kate Burridge (2006). Forbidden words: taboo and the
censoring of language. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.
Battistella, Edwin L. (2005). Bad language: are some words better than
others? Oxford, Oxford University Press.
Bultinck, Bert (2005). Numerous meanings: the meaning of English cardinals
and the legacy of Paul Grice. Amsterdam, Elsevier.
Cooren, Francois, James R. Taylor, et al., Eds. (2006). Communication as
organizing: empirical and theoretical explorations in the dynamic of text
and conversation. Mahwah, Lawrence Erlbaum.
Cronin, Michael (2006). Translation and identity. London, Routledge.
Davies, Celia, Margaret Wetherell, et al. (2006). Citizens at the centre:
deliberative participation in healthcare decisions. Bristol, The Policy
Deleuze, Gilles (2006). Two regimes of madness: texts and interviews
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society. Goteborg, Nordicom Goteborg University.
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communication: the spatial turn in media studies. Goteborg, Nordicom
Goteborg University.
Fine, Jonathan (2006). Language in psychiatry: a handbook of clinical
practice. London, Equinox.
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Contexts. LINCOM Studies in Pragmatics 03. Munich, Lincom Europa.
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Specialized Discourse Analysis Linguistic Insights. Studies in Language and
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talk-in-interaction. Amsterdam, Benjamins.
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the consumer age. Baltimore, MD, The John Hopkins University Press.
Heath, Anthony F., John Ermisch, et al., Eds. (2005). Understanding social
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Hutchby, Ian (2006). media talk: conversation analysis and they study of
broadcasting. London, Open University Press.
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London, Routledge.
Jones, Campbell and Rolland Munro, Eds. (2006). contemporary organization
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Joseph, John E. (2006). Language and politics. Edinburgh, Edinburgh
University Press.
Kurhila, Salla (2006). Second Language Interaction. Amsterdam, Benjamins.
Laury, Ritva, Ed. (2006). Minimal reference: the use of pronouns in Finnish
and Estonian discourse. Helsinki, Studia Fennica Linguistica.
Le, Elisabeth (2006). The Spiral of 'Anti-Other Rhetoric': Discourses of
identity and the international media echo. Amsterdam, John Benjamins.
Lechner, Frank J. and John Boli (2005). world culture: origins and
consequences. Oxford, Blackwell.
Litosseliti, Lia (2006). Gender and language: theory and practice. London,
Hodder Arnold.
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Lowe, Gregory Ferrell and Per Jauert, Eds. (2005). Cultural dilemmas in
public service broadcasting. Goteborg, Nordicom Goteborg University.
Mair, Christian (2006). Twentieth-century English: history, variation and
standardization. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.
Memmi, Albert (2006). Decolonization and the decolonized. Minneapolis, MN,
University of Minnesota Press.
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experience: studies in remembering and forgetting. London, Sage.
Morita, Emi (2005). Negotiation of contingent talk: the Japanese
interactional particles ne and sa. Amsterdam, Benjamins.
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psychology: the hidden story of how an international social science was
created. Oxford, Polity.
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expression and representation. Clevedon, Multilingual Matters.
Perrin, Andrew J. (2006). Citizen Speak: the democratic imagination in
American life. Chicago and London, The University of Chicago Press.
Pinxten, Rik and Ellen Preckler, Eds. (2006). Racism in metropolitan areas.
New York and Oxford, Berghahn.
Poster, Mark (2006). Information please: culture and politics in the age of
digital machines. Durham and London, Duke University Press.
Povinelli, Elizabeth A. (2006). The empire of love: towards a theory of
intimacy, genealogy, and carnality. Durham and London, Duke University
Rendle-Short, Johanna (2006). the academic presentation: situated talk in
interaction. Aldershot, Ashgate.
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Language. London, Continuum.
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Aldershot, Ashgate.
Wooffitt, Robin (2006). The language of mediums and psychics: the social
organization of everyday miracles. aldershot, Ashgate.
Wray, Matt (2006). Not quite white: white trash and the boundaries of
whiteness. Durham and London, Duke University Press.
Zerubavel, Eviatar (2006). The elephant in the room: silence and denial in
everyday life. Oxford, Oxford University Press.

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