research on post-communist lustration

Alon Lischinsky alischinsky at GMAIL.COM
Sat Oct 6 13:21:38 UTC 2007

Dear Anna,

> Specifically we seek information (contact people, sources - preferably but
> not necessarily in English) about related language research that was done or
> is in progress in other post-communist countries. We are interested in
> particular in how such debates impact on intergenerational communication.

I am far from an expert in the matter, but I recall a recent article
in the last issue of the Journal of Language and Politics:

Zbenovich, Claudia. (2007) Communication modes: The fabric of the
post-Soviet political interview (1991–1999) Journal of Language and
Politics 6:(1), pp. 75–90

I can't really comment on the article, as I just skimmed the journal,
but it seemed to be headed in the general direction you mention. It
does not deal with cross-cohort communication AFAIK.

In the more general field of studies on postcommunism, I can only mention

Ietcu, Isabela. (2006) Argumentation, dialogue and conflicting moral
economies in post-1989 Romania: an argument against the trade union
movement. Discourse & Society 17:(5), pp. 627–650

I don't know if she's still in contact with research done in her home
country, but Cornelia Ilie (now at Örebro University, Sweden) studied
political discourse in Rumania during the Ceaucescu years. She might
be able to offer further references on the topic.

Hope this helps. Best,


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