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Mustafa Hussain mustafa.hussain at WEBSPEED.DK
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Dear All,
This is for your kind orientation, a sad mail recieved from a colleague from Copenhagen University
Best reagrds,
External lecturer
Mustafa Hussain
Dept. of Culture and Identity
Roskilde Universitry.
DK- 4000 Roskilde., Denmark

Research Coordinator,
EUMAP - Muslims in the EU-Cities
Open Society Foundation, London.
I apologize for cross posting. I just got the mail mentioned below. I am
thinking that some one of you may be interested.


Ehab Galal

Ph.D. scholar

Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies

Carsten Niebuhr Section

Copenhagen University

Snorresgade 17-19

2300 Copenhagen S


Office phone: +45  35328914

Mob.   phone: +45  31182305

Room: 772

E-mail: ehab at hum.ku.dk

 <http://www.arabisk.ku.dk/> http://www.arabisk.ku.dk/
Please forward it and distribute it as wide as possble

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Dear friends,

I would like to request your support for our protest against the structural
exclusion of Iranian students and academics at two Dutch universities.

Universities used to be open, scientific forums where students and
researchers were selected based on their academic qualities, not their
nationality. University of Twente and Einhoven University of Technology have
decided, in an unprecedented move, to reject all Iranian students and
academics "as a results of the UN sanctions" against the Iranian government.
This means that even students who are interested in subjects that have
nothing to do with nuclear technology, such as social sciences and
industrial design, are denied admission to the university.

Dear friends, this is the first time, since the Second World War, that a
specific group of people is excluded from higher education. It is sad to
observe that it should happen in a country that used to be praised for its
liberal and progressive climate.

What needs to be done? We have already the support of a large number of
academics at the Dutch universities. Also, we have lobbied so much that the
Parliament will hold a session on this topic within the next few days. We
can really stop this, by sending a strong message to the government and the
universities that we do not accept discrimination against innocent students
and researchers, just because that have "the wrong" nationality.

We need all the support that we can get. That is why I would like to ask you
to read our petition, using the following links

http://www.iraansestudenten.nl/ <http://www.iraansestudenten.nl/>

<http://www.iraansestudenten.nl/?English>    (English)

If you sign it, it would even be better! And please , spread this message in
your network.

Many thanks

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