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Subject: V SIGET - new deadline

V SIGET – International Symposium on Text Genres
August 11-14, 2009 
Universidade de Caxias do Sul – UCS
Caxias do Sul – Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil

         We are glad to inform you that the deadline for paper submissions
has been extended to November 3, 2008. Abstracts must be sent according to
the instructions given in our website www.ucs.br/ucs/vsiget under PAPERS
SUBMISSION. There are three modes of presentation: coordinated paper
presentation, individual paper presentation and poster.

         Program includes:

Tuesday, August 11
6 p.m. Opening Ceremony and special tribute to Luiz Antonio Marcuschi (UFPE
– Brazil)
7 p.m. Opening Conference Bernard Schneuwly (University of Geneva)
Wednesday, August 12
9 a.m. 
Round table 1 Text genre: epistemology and methodology
Maria Marta Furlaneto (Unisul – Brazil)
Carolyn Miller (USA)
Jean-Paul Bronckart (University of Geneva)
Maria Izabel Santos Magalhães (UnB – Brazil)
6 p.m. 
Pannel 1 Texte genres and professional areas
Adair Bonini (Unisul – Brazil)
Anna Rachel Machado (PUC-SP – Brazil)
Charles Bazerman (University of California, Santa Barbara – USA)
Vijay Bhatia (City University of Hong Kong)
Thursday, August 13
9 a.m.
Round table 2 Text genre: and teacher training
Guiomar Elena Ciapuscio (UBA – Argentina)
Vera Lúcia Lopes Cristóvão (UEL – Brazil)
Joaquim Dolz (University of Geneva)
Solange Teresinha Ricardo de Castro (UNITAU – Brazil)
6 p.m.
Panel 2 Text genre and media
David Russel  (Iowa State University, USA)
Gisele de Carvalho (UFRJ – Brazil)
Viviane Heberle (UFSC – Brazil)
Friday, August 14
9 a.m.
Round table 3 Text genre: and language teaching
Amy Devitt (University of Kansas, USA)
Glaís Sales Lamb (University of Geneva)
Ana Maria Mattos Guimarães (Unisul – Brazil)
6 p.m.
Panel 3 Text genre and literacy
Angela Kleiman (Unicamp – Brazil)
Brian Street (Open University – UK)
Paula Carlino (UBA – Argentina)
Marcos Baltar
V SIGET General Coordinator
Universidade de Caxias do Sul – RS – Brasil
www.ucs.br/ucs/vsiget <http://www.ucs.br/ucs/vsiget>

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