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An international conference on Disciplinarity, Knowledge and Language .

University of Sydney, December 8-10,  2008

The issue of disciplinarity is becoming increasingly salient. Questions of
how differences in the structures of intellectual fields and curricula help
shape educational experiences and outcomes are the focus of studies across a
variety of disciplines using a range of approaches. This symposium aims to
bring together scholars and practitioners engaged with these issues from
different disciplines, primarily systemic functional linguistics, the
sociology of education, and education studies.
Plenary speakers: 
Rob Moore, University of Cambridge
Peter Freebody, University of Sydney
Joe Muller, University of Capetown
Jim Martin, University of Sydney
Parlo Singh, Griffith University
Karl Maton, University of Sydney
Kay O'Halloran, University of Singapore
Fran Christie, University of Sydney
Susan Feez, University of New England

Papers also from the UK, Singapore, South Africa, France, Australia, USA and

The symposium builds on and extends the highly successful Reclaiming
Knowledge symposium held at the University of Sydney in December 2004 that
gave rise to Language, Knowledge and Pedagogy (Christie & Martin, eds 2007,
Continuum Press) - shortly to be also published in paperback.

For more details, go to:


We look forward to seeing you.


Dr Karl Maton
Department of Sociology & Social Policy
Faculty of Arts, University of Sydney


President, Australasian Association for Critical Realism
Editorial Board, Journal of Critical Realism

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