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Cris Martinez crismartinez at TAU.ORG.AR
Fri Nov 5 20:19:44 UTC 2010

Dear All, I completely agree with Christopher, and I would add that in 
my particular case (I am from Rosario, Argentina) keeping in touch with 
you all is an invaluable way of feeling "included" in an academic world 
that would otherwise be impossible to access. When I joined the list, I 
didn't have the expected requirements; however, Teun was quite generous 
and understood that, though I would probably not be able to contribute 
as extensively as other colleagues, I could share and help ideas spread 
among my students and other colleagues... I felt flattered and I thank 
him for his deep understanding of how things are down here...I cannot 
offer a server or the like but I would sincerely like to continue being 
a member of this list. Paulo Freire, the great Brazilian pedagogue once 
said, "Las cosas no SON así, ESTÁN así, y vamos a cambiarlas"(difficult 
to translate because of the convergent verb "to be" but roughly, it says 
"things are not inherently/essentially, the way they are, they are 
transiently/accidentally that way, and we are going to change them". It 
is bearing this in mind that I feel proud to be a Critics member.
Best regards,
Cris Martinez
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