Ending the Critics-L list ...

Manu adesteo2 at GMAIL.COM
Mon Nov 8 11:39:21 UTC 2010

Dear all,

Firstly, I would like to thank Teun for his support to this list
which, although not very active, it always give useful information and
keep a channel to comunicate any interesting matter.

Secondly, my thanks to Jeremy for his offer too. I could not offer
such a resource but I have understood that it is very easy to create a
"group" in google which works the same that a distribution list.

I hope this way of comunication still be open because I consider it a
interesting latent net of information.


Manuel Ramos,
Universidad Pablo de Olavide (Sevilla)

2010/11/5 Cris Martinez <crismartinez at tau.org.ar>:
> Dear All, I completely agree with Christopher, and I would add that in my
> particular case (I am from Rosario, Argentina) keeping in touch with you all
> is an invaluable way of feeling "included" in an academic world that would
> otherwise be impossible to access. When I joined the list, I didn't have the
> expected requirements; however, Teun was quite generous and understood that,
> though I would probably not be able to contribute as extensively as other
> colleagues, I could share and help ideas spread among my students and other
> colleagues... I felt flattered and I thank him for his deep understanding of
> how things are down here...I cannot offer a server or the like but I would
> sincerely like to continue being a member of this list. Paulo Freire, the
> great Brazilian pedagogue once said, "Las cosas no SON así, ESTÁN así, y
> vamos a cambiarlas"(difficult to translate because of the convergent verb
> "to be" but roughly, it says "things are not inherently/essentially, the way
> they are, they are transiently/accidentally that way, and we are going to
> change them". It is bearing this in mind that I feel proud to be a Critics
> member.
> Best regards,
> Cris Martinez

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