CRITICS-L list as Google Group?

jeremy hunsinger jhuns at VT.EDU
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You can use any email account to subscribe to google groups.  it works just like any other list management software.  I use it, but not for my listserv's

and i'm jeremy, not jerry, as for stability, who knows in this academic environment, but we did just publish our 10th anniversary book in our 12th year of operation, so... However, that said, everything could change tomorrow.  

as for cda, well I used to run the lnc list, until it basically devolved into one person shouting at anyone else that would answer their trolls.  I took that over from Phil Graham, now it is basically the website  which i host.
On Nov 9, 2010, at 6:56 AM, Teun A. van Dijk wrote:

> Dear friends,
> I have doubts about Google groups for the CRITICS-L list because as far as I know that presupposes that we need to use and communicate with our gmail accounts, and I don't like to work with an account that requires entering the web, and prefer to use a POP account (and e.g. Thunderbird as mail program) as do most people who use their university e-mail address. 
> So, so far Jerry's proposal stands, but I think it is fair and wise to wait for other proposals. My main criterion is that once the CRITICS-L list is housed elsewhere, it will have many years of continuity, which requires a dedicated convenor, specialized in CDA, and a practical list system. 
> Alternatively, we could also ask LINGUIST to house us, parallel with the DISCOURS list, but that would be an open - and hence possibly very large - list to manage. 
> We'll keep thinking and talking about this. 
> Teun
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