Lillian, Donna L. LILLIAND at ECU.EDU
Fri Nov 12 13:45:37 UTC 2010

I join all of you in thanking Teun.  Teun's mentoring and support played an enormous role in my tenure and immigration process. 

FYI to anyone seeking to contact me, I have changed universities and positions recently and this email address will stop working in a couple of weeks.  My new contact information is:

Donna L. Lillian
Director of Women's Studies
115 Living Learning Center
Appalachian State University
Boone, NC, 28608-2080
lilliandl at

Thank you Teun, and I look forward to continued participation, even if only electronically, with the members of this list, in whatever form it takes.


P.S.  If you know a scholar of women's and/or gender studies who is on the job market, I will be advertising a tenure-track job in Women's Studies at the Assistant Professor level. The ad will be on our website in a couple of weeks, once it makes it through the institutional approval process:

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Dear All

I wholeheartedly agree with this appreciation of the role which Teun has
uniquely and generously played for so long. And all best wishes for your
future plans, Teun.


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Dear Teun (sorry for the last attempt). I totally agree with Luisa. I
think you have been all these years the 'linking strenght' of our
community. Without you, we would have not been in contact. Many, many
thanks. I will of course support all the new initiatives, count on me.
And of course, you will be as active as always, I hope. Carmen

Dr. Carmen Rosa Caldas-Coulthard
Centre for English Language Studies,
Westmere House
University of Birmingham, UK
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Dear Teun,
Reading your message the firs think I want to do it's send you a public
and heartfelt 'THAN YOU' for your generous community-forming for so many
years. Even of the list isn't very active in number of messages; it was
very strong in its role of creating community, keeping us in contact.
I really hope what you have built will go on in the same way. For all of
us, specially people who are working alone or in difficult conditions
the important thing is to be in contact with other scholars. The content
matters not the container (Google docs or whatever).
In relation to your other plans, I do hope it would be possible for you
to carry them out in the university. That would be very positive for
Un fuerte abrazo

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Dear friends,

The Internet Service Provider - ISP -  (Surfnet, the Netherlands) which
I have been using for several lists, including the CRITICS-L list, is
going to shut down its LISTSERV activities as from January.

This also means the end of the CRITICS-L list, at least with this ISP.
Since the list has barely been active, except for the very useful
conference messages of some of my (ex) PhD students, and an occasional
book announcement, I have decided to stop my activity as list convenor
on this occasion.

However, I can imagine that some of you would like to continue the list,
and if there are proposals, please post to to this list, so that we can
see who can provide a stable infrastructure to maintain the list for at
at least several years. Indeed, there may be other ways to communicate
besides such a traditional list.

Since I (must) retire from my actual position at Pompeu Fabra University
in May 2013, I have been planning to try to found an international PhD
"school", whether or not associated with one of the universities here in
Barcelona. It is my intention to call this school CRITICS (Center for
Research into Text/Talk, Information and Communication in Society) - and
thus realize part of the aims of the CRITICS Foundation we founded in
the 1990s. If this plan could be realized (which is not at all sure)
then somehow the CRITICS-L list might be restored again. The aim of the
CRITICS center is to offer brilliant PhD students in critical discourse
studies one year of specialized assistance with their thesis, with a
staff of the best international scholars in the field who would each
teach in the center for one week per year, thus allowing a very
prestigious program. Unfortunately, in the present dire economic
situation in Spain, such a center could only be realized if it is
self-financing and hence be based on (for Spain) high tuition costs of
about 10,000 euros annually. I'll keep you posted about these plans -
even if the CRITICS-L is discontinued.

Best wishes

Teun A. van Dijk
Pompeu Fabra University
Dept. of Translation and Language Sciences
138, Roc Boronat
08018 Barcelona, Spain
E-mail: teun at<mailto:teun at>

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