An idea for a website for CRITICS

Bessie Mitsikopoulou mbessie at ENL.UOA.GR
Sun Nov 14 11:29:01 UTC 2010

Dear Celso,
What a fantastic idea, a meeting place for all in which we could contribute
with work and ideas! Would be good to connect it to a service through which
we could continue sending messages, when we would like to contact all
members of the list. Is it possible, for instance, to upload an announcement
and send it to the emails of all registered members?

Bessie Mitsikopoulou

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Luisa, thanks.

Yes, NetVibes is very practical. And it's relatively easy to do. Basically:
You locate a webpage, copy the URL link, paste it in the little box, and
NetVibes does the rest. A little text editing of the information may be
needed. Then, moving around the boxes if needed (drag and drop).

I of course took many links from other pages ;-), particularly Teun's ;-) .
So, NetVibes is basically about pirating ;-) .

The nice thing about NetVibes is that the visitor can see all resources
together, without having to navigate; if they are interested, they can click
and go to the page. If you do this by hand in a webpage, it's much more

A way to help (to anyone who would manage the page) is to send them links.
If two persons (more would be complicated) would simultaneously work on it,
each would do it on one day, not to step on the other's work, for example
Monday - Wednesday - Friday, and Tuesdays - Thursdays - (Saturdays).

Opinions, please? ;-) .

Celso Alvarez Cáccamo

A 2010/11/14, às 01:31, Luisa Martin Rojo escreveu:

> Dear Celso,
> this is just great! It's practical, visual. I really like it!
> Happy to help
> Luisa

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