An idea for a website for CRITICS

Celso Alvarez Cáccamo lxalvarz at UDC.ES
Mon Nov 15 21:49:57 UTC 2010

Dear Dominique and Carmen, thanks!

Dominique, thanks, I'll add the link as Temporary Site Manager ;-) .

Carmen, great! (about the possibilities from the Lancaster team). How many people? I would say maximum 2 working on the page itsself (one of them at least, obviously, should be a list member, to gather informations from the list), and then many as necessary gathering links and resources, by topics or sections (e.g. Conferences, Journals, Websites, etc.).  I could be one of the co-managers at the beginning, to show the other person how to do it if s/he doesn't know. If you get someone, I can show then how to do it through a 1-hour interactive Skype session (participants can share screens to show what each is doing, as in a videoconference).

A mini-team could be organized at first to build the body of the site, each person looking for resources on a given section.

Also, for some time the list manager could send periodically Authoritarian Petitions ;-) to the CRITICS list like this: Please everybody send my their link to their personal website // Please send the the link to your Downloadable Publications page, etc. If people are obedient ;-), that's it!

Once the site is built (in a short time), it's only a matter of maintenance: conferences, calls for papers, new books, new papers on line, special topics.

So, this is going to work!


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This is really fantastic Celso. I would love to help, but don't you need a computor - oriented mind to do such a task? The Lancaster team has very bright PhD students handling corporta and other virtual worlds. How many people do you need and what is there to be done? Carmen

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