ICL19: visit Saussure's hometown in 2013?

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Subject: ICL19: visit Saussure's hometown in 2013?

Dear friends and colleagues,

The 19th International Congress of Linguists will take place in Geneva, Switzerland, Ferdinand de Saussure's town and University, one hundred years after his death. As you may know, the ICL takes place every five years (the last one was in Seoul in 2008). This will be a major scientific event, with a high number of participants, with several thematic parallel sessions, workshops, and outstanding keynote speakers, including Noam Chomsky. The general topic of the congress is "The Interface Language-Cognition", but the broader goal is to "assess the results of a century of scientific work and draw the perspectives for future developments".

One of the parallel sessions, with papers and posters in several sub-sections, will be on "Sociolinguistics and multilingualism", and I have the honor of having been chosen as this session's organizer. So the purpose of this message to you is to alert you to this upcoming event and to invite you to consider submitting a paper and attending it. So, why not plan on visiting Saussure's home town in 2013? The precise dates of the congress are 22-27 July 2013, and I'd be pleased if you decided to make a mental note for your 2013 calendar.

You can find the congress website at http://www.cil19.org/en/ <http://www.cil19.org/en/> ; it provides further information on the conference itself, accommodation, and excursions (including, for instance, a mini-cruise on Lake Geneva). The first Call for Papers has been published and is available via the website; second and third CfPs will be circulated in November 2011 and March 2012, respectively, also on the LinguistList. As usual, you are requested to submit a title and an abstract, which will then be submitted to an external and anonymous review. We expect to receive the majority of submissions after the 3rd CfP, for which the deadline will be 30 June 2012, with notifications of acceptance to follow by fall 2012. However, if you need an earlier decision (e.g. for clearance with your home institution or for funding applications) it is possible to get it by spring 2012, provided you submit your proposal by the end of February 2012. The organizers want to make the congress financially accessible to students and scholars from developing countries as well; if you are interested in support along these lines, please write to Fabienne.Reboul at unige.ch <mailto:Fabienne.Reboul at unige.ch> .And of course, feel free to get in touch with me directly about any of these issues if you need further information.

Obviously, my goal is to build a strong session on sociolinguistics and multilingualism and to attract high-class scholars and papers to it, that's why I am writing you today. I am attaching a flyer on the Congress, provided by the organizers, and a description of this session (which is also available via the website). This message goes to a large number of friends and colleagues of my own mail address list; but feel free to distribute it, or the attached files, to anyone else who might be interested - in fact, I am grateful for spreading the word as widely as possible. So, please consider attending this conference and workshop; it would be great to see you (again) in Geneva in 2013!

Best regards,

Prof. Dr. Edgar W. Schneider
Chair of English Linguistics
University of Regensburg
Department of English and American Studies
D-93040 Regensburg, Germany

Editor, English World-Wide  <http://www.benjamins.com/cgi-bin/t_seriesview.cgi?series=eww> (journal; Amsterdam: Benjamins)
Editor, Grundlagen der Anglistik und Amerikanistik  <http://www.esv.info/set/RD071/katalog.html> (book series; Berlin: ESV)

New textbook: English Around the World. An Introduction <http://www.cambridge.org/catalogue/catalogue.asp?isbn=9780521716581>  CUP 2011.
Recent books: The Lesser-Known Varieties of English <http://www.cambridge.org/catalogue/catalogue.asp?isbn=9780521883962> . Co-ed., CUP 2010.
                     Varieties of English: The Americas and the Caribbean <http://www.degruyter.com/cont/fb/sk/detailEn.cfm?id=IS-9783110196368-1> . Ed., Mouton 2008.
                     Postcolonial English. <http://www.cambridge.org/uk/catalogue/catalogue.asp?isbn=9780521539012> CUP 2007.
                     Handbook of Varieties of English <http://www.degruyter.com/cont/fb/sk/detailEn.cfm?id=IS-9783110175325-1> . Co-ed., 2 vols, Mouton 2004.

e-mail:   edgar.schneider at ur.de
web:   http://www-deas.uni-regensburg.de/linguistics/staff/schneider/
phone:  +-49-941-9433470
fax:       +-49-941-9431990

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