Call for Papers: Global Citizenship as Personal and Pedagogical Practice

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> Call for Papers: Global Citizenship as Personal and Pedagogical Practice
> Friday 7th June – Saturday 8th June 2013
> Oxford Brookes University
> Conference hosted by Centre for Curriculum Internationalisation  (CCI)
> –previously CICIN– 5th International Conference in association with
> CAPRI, the internationalisation stream of the Centre for Social and
> Educational Research across the Life course (SERL)
> In association with CAPRI, the Centre for Curriculum
> Internationalisation (CCI) celebrates its 6th anniversary in 2013 with
> a conference on the theme of Global Citizenship as Personal and
> Pedagogical Practice. In the past decade, internationalisation of the
> curriculum in tertiary education has evolved as an area of empirical
> research and inquiry conducted within diverse theoretical frameworks.
> This work has also engaged students, teachers and other stakeholder
> groups in a dialogue which foregrounds the personal dimensions of
> teaching, learning and assessment practice and acknowledges the
> importance of personal and professional values.
> Within the context of the internationalised curriculum the term
> ‘global citizenship’ is assuming currency as institutions in a
> complex, fast-changing, globalised world strive to define the
> attributes required to enable graduates to make  a worthwhile
> contribution to society and economy .  At the same time however, it is
> becoming apparent that educating global citizens suggests personal,
> reflexive engagement and both individual and collective negotiation in
> a context where everyday practitioners talk, write and act the
> institution into existence. In this conference we take the opportunity
> to reflect critically upon ourselves as university educators. We are
> particularly interested in the ways the concept of global citizenship
> is translated as a conceptual framework into collaborative and
> community practices, into identity and discourse practices, into
> everyday narratives, into institutional change, and ethical accounts
> of the self.
> The theme - Global Citizenship as Personal and Pedagogical Practice
> The 2013 conference distils a range of  themes, approaches and
> practices that have come to characterise global citizenship in higher
> education and elsewhere. We therefore invite submissions which develop
> our understanding of the emergent process of nurturing the identity of
> ‘global citizen’ within curricular and extra-curricular contexts and:
> * examine the relationship between global citizenship and the everyday
> construction of university life.
> * explore the ways global citizenship as a form of everyday practice
> may transcend the limits of campus and spill over into other spaces of
> social interaction
> * consider whether global citizenship is viable in a market driven
> neoliberal economy
> * articulate approaches to education for a sustainable future
> * examine the dilemmas in defining and interpreting global citizenship
> and translating this into pedagogy and practice,
> Proposals
> In keeping with past conferences, we welcome submissions which will
> contribute to a deeper understanding of the issues relating to
> internationalisation of the curriculum for and via global citizenship.
> Though we broadly outline these in the theme section above, final
> streams will be determined by the papers submitted. We hope though to
> keep a balance between theoretical and empirical contributions, and
> between formats including: round tables (50 minutes); research papers
> (20 minutes presentation + 10 minutes discussion); practice papers (20
> minutes presentation + 10 minutes discussion); position papers (20
> minutes presentation + 10 minutes discussion); posters.
> Abstracts of 350 words should outline the relevance of the
> presentation to one of the themes identified above. The deadline for
> submission of abstracts is 15th January 2013.
> Presenters will be able to present a full draft paper for peer review
> by 4th March 2013 that will be submitted for possible inclusion in a
> special issue of an education journal.  The conference event will
> include a writing circle for authors of draft papers to share peer
> feedback on work in progress.
> Please send your abstract and contact details to Juliet Henderson (CCI
> Chair) at jhenderson at Proposers will receive
> confirmation of receipt of their abstract within one working week.
> Should this not be the case, please contact Juliet Henderson on +44
> (0) 1865 488476.
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