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Dear colleagues,

The Journal of Language and Politics (http://benjamins.com/#catalog/journals/jlp/main) currently has the following titles available for review.  If you are interested in reviewing one of these or any other title relevant to the remit of the journal, please get in touch with me (off-list at christopher.hart at northumbria.ac.uk<mailto:christopher.hart at northumbria.ac.uk>) and I can arrange for a copy to be sent to you.  We ask that reviews of up to 2000 words be submitted no later than 6 months after receiving the book.

*         Bayley, P. and G. Williams (eds.) (2012).  European Identity: What the Media Say.  Oxford University Press.

*         Berlin, L.N. and A. Fetzer (eds.) (2012).  Dialogue in Politics.  John Benjamins.

*         Chilton, P., H. Tian and R. Wodak (eds.) (2012).  Discourse and Socio-Political Transformations in Contemporary China.  John Benjamins.

*         Chouliaraki, L. (ed.) (2012).  Self-Mediation: New Media, Citizenship and Civil Selves.  Routledge.

*         Dogra, N. (2012).  Representations of Global Poverty: Aid, Development and International NGOs.  I.B. Tauris.

*         Dupret, B. (2011).  Practices of Truth: An Ethnomethodological Inquiry into Arab Contexts.  John Benjamins.

*         Landau, J.M. and B. Kellner-Heinkele (2012).  Language Politics in Contemporary Central Asia: National and Ethnic Identity and the Soviet Legacy.  I.B. Tauris.

*         Majstrorivic, D. and I. Lassen (eds.) (2011).  Living with Patriarchy.  John Benjamins.

*         Mills, S. (2012).  Gender Matters: Feminist Linguistic Analysis.  Equinox.

*         Nasti, C. (2012).  Images of the Lisbon Treaty Debate in the British Press: A Corpus-Based Approach to Metaphor Analysis.  Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

*         Sjolander, A.E. and J. Gunnarson (eds.) (2011).  Tracking Discourses:  Politics, Identity and Social Change.  Nordic Academic Press.

*         Stibbe, A. (2012).  Animals Erased: Discourse, Ecology and Reconnection with the Natural World.  Wesleyan University Press.

*         Sproat, R. (2010).  Language, Technology and Society.  Oxford University Press.

*         Studer, P. (2008).  Historical Corpus Stylistics: Media, Technology and Change.  Continuum.

*         Tsakona, V. and D.E. Popa (eds.) (2011).  Studies in Political Humour.  John Benjamins.

*         Verschueren, J. (2012).  Ideology in Language Use: Pragmatic Guidelines for Empirical Research.  Cambridge University Press.

*         Yates, M.T. (2012).  Prisoner Education Debates in Congress: Elite Discourse and Policymaking.  LFB Scholarly.

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