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Faculty of Arts and Humanities
ULB, Brussels
Vacancy number
2011/ 053

Professional Profile
The successful applicant must have native-speaker or near-native speaker competence in English. Besides his/her perfect command of both spoken and written English, the candidate should also have a wide experience of teaching at university level in the combined fields of English, English synchronic linguistics and its theoretical foundations, and the history of the English language. The successful applicant will, moreover, have a proven track record of research and international publications in English Linguistics. Upon appointment, the candidate will be expected to be at least fluent enough in French in order to cover certain contrastive aspects of French and English in his/her courses, as well as to be able to cope with the day-to-day interactions within a French-speaking work environment. Native English speakers entering the appointment with an intermediate level of fluency in French will be given a period of three years to perfect their command of the language.

Description of Professorship:
The successful applicant for this full-time professorship will be in charge of lectures geared towards English-language majors. These lectures will cover advanced-level English, English synchronic linguistics (including its theoretical foundations), as well as the history of English and a general survey of the main stages in its diachronic development. The appointee will be expected to teach both at BA and MA levels. His/her target audience will primarily consist of students who specialise in English but are non-native speakers. Preference will be given to applicants capable of emphasising one or more of the following areas in their courses: the theoretical foundations of English synchronic linguistics; English as a world/global language; the varieties of English; text and corpus linguistics; the contrastive linguistics of English and French. The appointee will also be expected to develop his/her research in one or more of these fields.

The full vacancy notice is available at

Applications should be received no later than 25 January 2012.

Appointment due to take effect on: 01/10/2012.

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