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4th New Zealand Discourse Conference
AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand

Deadline for abstracts: 26 July 2013

Confirmed keynote speakers

Professor Cindy Gallois
Emeritus Professor, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, The
University of Queensland.

Professor Adam Jaworski
Professor of Language and Communication, The University of Hong Kong.

Professor Allan Bell
Director, Institute of Culture, Discourse and Communication, Auckland
University of Technology.

Call for papers
Submissions are invited for the 4thNew Zealand Discourse Conference
from academics and others interested in discourse analysis that
addresses theoretical, methodological or empirical research in a
variety of applications. Given the increasing use of discourse
analysis in many disciplines submissions are not limited to any one
particular theme. However some of the areas that have been included in
our three previous conferences include:

Culture and identity
Public policy and the state
Gender and diversity
Ideology, power and knowledge
Marketing and consumption
Globalization and development
Community and health
Education and learning
Place, space and time
Practice and praxis
Professions and institutions
Language and communication
Work, management and organization
Science and technology
Computer-mediated communication
Biblical and ancient texts

Abstracts should be no more than 300 words in length and include a
maximum of four key words. Each presentation will be allocated a 30
minute time slot, 20 minutes for presentation followed by 10 minutes
for discussion. Your submission should be a separate Word document and
include in the body of the email, the title of the paper and the
details of a contact author, phone and email address.

Please submit abstracts by email before 26 July 2013 to nzdc at
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