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CfP Call for papers
International Symposium 'Discursive Constructions of Europe'
Bydgoszcz, Poland

The European Network for Intercultural Education Activities (ENIEDA)
is convening a panel at the forthcoming International Symposium
'Discursive Constructions of Europe', Faculty of Economy, Bydgoszcz,
Poland, 15-16 November 2013. The proposed panel is entitled '(Beyond)
Europe: Text, Context and Interaction'.

The Bygdoszcz Symposium aims to explore the current conceptualizations
of Europe and Europeanness and their expressions in a variety of
discourses in/of/about Europe: national vs. international,
institutionalized, media, as well as local/individual discourses of
citizens. For more details about the event please check the conference

The idea behind the ENIEDA panel, however, is to bring together
various perspectives on how European and other identities are
constructed, negotiated, mediated, challenged and (finally)
established across texts, genres and public spaces.

Call for Papers:

We would like to examine various dimensions of identity (European or
otherwise) and its discursive manifestations and look at their social
semiotics and cultural embeddedness. We are interested in how
political reality, including various nationalism-related tensions, and
socioeconomic changes, impact on 'identity work' and 'identity
politics'. There is undoubtedly an interpersonal and institutional
dimension to that. Hence, our analysis will encompass both discourse
of everyday interactions and mass-mediated communication, both
cultural artifacts and social constructs. Finally, it is our intention
to look at the role of education in promoting intercultural dialogue
and multicultural literacy, and to identify and assess roles played by
traditional and social media in identity formation, negotiation and

Within this general thematic cluster we welcome contributions
utilising any theoretical framework and/or methodological approach and
encourage exploratory dialogue(s) across and beyond disciplinary
boundaries and geographic and geo-political borders. Contribution
proposals should be up to 300 words long and sent to the panel
organisers at: conferences at not later than 25 July 2013. The
working language of the panel is English. Further details about the
panel can be obtained from the panel organisers at
conferences at

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