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CDA20+ Symposium: Reflections on Critical Discourse Analysis

The CDA20+ Symposium is a historic event in academia, celebrating 20+ years of Critical Discourse Analysis (Amsterdam, 8-9 September 2014). It will facilitate two days of discussions among three generations of CDA experts and practitioners.

In January 1992 five academics (Teun van Dijk, Gunther Kress, Theo van Leeuwen, Norman Fairclough and Ruth Wodak) met informally in Amsterdam. They saw a role for the critical linguistic analysis of language use in institutional and interpersonal settings to study the interrelation between discourse and society, and to create social awareness and empowerment. This meeting constituted the foundation of Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) as an academic paradigm.

At the CDA20+ Symposium, the founders of CDA, together with 75 scholars from four continents, will evaluate how CDA has developed over the past decades, what its future directions should be, and how it can contribute to social relevance in academia with new insights and research technologies. So far, major achievements have been the establishment of a cross-over of premises and methods of linguistics and the social sciences, the application of discourse analysis for mediation and the improvement of e.g. government communication.

The symposium aims to formulate new directions for critical discourse studies and analysis. It will facilitate discussions on establishing new ways of 'doing CDA' to account for and challenge social change, strengthening its social relevance and the promotion of social justice. One important case to be discussed at the meeting will be the future of the university. How can CDA contribute to academic integrity and critical thinking in the neoliberal university?

The symposium has been organized by a team from the two universities of Amsterdam, and beyond.
It is a closed event; all 80 places have been taken.

The CDA20+ organizing Team
Bertie Kaal, Nicolina Montesano Montessori, Karen Verduyn and Ida Sabelis at the VU;
Anne Bannink, Jet van Dam van Isselt, and Manon van der Laaken at the UvA; and
Steve Oswald in Fribourg

Sponsors: We are grateful for the support of the Royal Dutch Academy of Science (KNAW), VU University of Amsterdam (Faculties of Humanities, Economics and Business Administration, Social Sciences and the Network Institute), the University of Amsterdam's Communication and Language Centre (ACLC), and several publishers.

Press contacts
Bertie Kaal a.r.kaal at<mailto:a.r.kaal at>;  +31 6 5028 4541
Nicolina Montesano Montessori at. n.montesanomontessori at<mailto:n.montesanomontessori at>;  +31  6 239 08179

Please feel free to distribute this announcement.

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