tips for ESL teachers

Sat Mar 6 17:45:30 UTC 2004

The websites for different state department's of education would be a good
place to go if she/he is interested in public school teaching as she/he will
need some sort of certification in addition to a TESOL masters to teach in
public schools.  -Tamara Warhol

Quoting Teresa Pica <teresap at>:

> the website has a great deal of information.
> dcj at wrote:
> > I have a question from a TESOL practicum student: Does anyone know of any
> books
> > or other kinds of resources which help prepare the graduating TESOL student
> for
> > a career (finding jobs, interviewing, etc.) in ESL teaching? She's looking
> for
> > something very practical, perhaps a book or on-line resourse (maybe
> something
> > like the TESOL site or Dave's ESL Cafe) that has tips for landing ESL
> teaching
> > jobs. I think she's especially interested in ESL public school teaching in
> the
> > U.S.
> >
> > David
> >


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