Critical Inquiry and Urban Multicultural College Education

Francis M Hult fmhult at DOLPHIN.UPENN.EDU
Thu Mar 25 23:58:46 UTC 2004

The American Society of Geolinguistics presents

Dr. Judith Hawkins (John Jay College)

Critical Inquiry Practicum for Teachers of the
Urban Multicultural College Population

April 24, 2004

Modern Languages B6-280
Baruch College
New York, NY

Conference Room (Room 6-210 of the Vertical Campus

The speakers' lectures will begin at 1:00 pm.  After
the lecture, those interested may have lunch at a very
reasonable Chinese/Japanese restaurant, Hunan Balcony,
3d Avenue between 23d and 24th Streets at about 2:30.
The luncheon price is $5.95

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