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Here are the latest publications from the Center for Applied


MRTP Multimedia Rater Training Program - Spanish

The Multimedia Rater Training Program (MRTP) is an interactive software
program designed to teach professionals to rate oral language proficiency.
This computer-assisted professional development program was modeled after 
live rater training workshops and CAL’s self-instructional Rater Training 
Kits. The MRTP provides a hands-on introduction to oral proficiency 
assessment and teaches rating skills conveniently and effectively via

The program begins with training in the use of the ACTFL Proficiency
Guidelines “Speaking and then teaches users how to rate examinee
performances on the Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview, a
tape-mediated test of oral proficiency.

The Spanish version is now available. French and German versions will be
available in 2006. 

For more information about the MRTP, visit www.cal.org/mrtp

Price: $99.00

For details or to order, please visit:

Literacy and Language Diversity in the United States
Second Edition 
In this edition of Literacy and Language Diversity in the United States,
the author takes a fresh look at the differences between the literacy
performance and educational achievement of language minorities and 
native speakers of English in this country and at the social and 
educational policy debates that surround literacy in the 21st century. 

Based on current national data, the book examines language diversity in
the United States; outlines what we know about the development of English
literacy, native language literacy, and literacy in two languages; and 
explores how to make informed 

national policy decisions. Literacy and Language Diversity in the United
States is written for linguists, scholars, policy makers, educators, and
students in teacher preparation programs. 

Price: $19.95

For details or to order, please visit:


CAL has made a number of its older publications available at a 40%
discount. Here's a chance to own tried-and-true CAL classics before 
they go out of print! Here's just a sample: 

  --Adult Biliteracy in the United States   $20.95    NOW: $12.50 
  --From the Classroom to the Community   $15.95    NOW: $9.50 
  --Profiles in Two-Way Immersion Education   $16.95    NOW: $10.00 
  --Foreign Language Instruction in the United States $18.95 NOW: $11.25 
  --Workplace ESL   $15.95    NOW: $9.50 

Visit the new CAL Classics section of the CAL Store to get these and
other publications at a 40% discount!


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