[EDLING:856] Re: Multiple Intelligences and Language learning

Fri Jun 17 01:01:40 UTC 2005

In Diane Larsen-Freeman's book "Techniques & Principles in Language Teaching,
chapter 11 contends with MI. It's a VERY applied pedagogical overview, but there
are some potentially valuable references at the end of the chapter:

Armstrong, T (1993). Seven Kinds of Smart: Discovering and using yo8ur natural
intelligences. New York: Plume/Penguin.

"" 1994. Multiple Intelligences in the Classsroom. Alexandria, VA: ASCD.

Christison, M. 1996. Teaching and learning language through multiple
intelligences. TESOL Journal, Autumn: 10-14.

Lazear, D. 1997. Seven ways of teaching: The artistry of teaching with multiple
intelligences. Arlington Hts, IL: Skylight Publishing.

Again, these are all rather pedagogical in nature, but they probably have good
bibliographies at the end, so it might be a good springboard.

Good luck!

Quoting "Sean P. McGrew" <mcgrew at dolphin.upenn.edu>:

> If she doesn't mind going way back, she might start with John Carroll's work
> in the 50s & 60s on components on foreign language attitude, the development
> of the Modern Language Aptitude Test, and his various studies looking at how
> measurements of language-learning aptitude correlated with various measures
> of
> intelligence, etc.
> Quoting Felicia Lincoln <flincoln at uark.edu>:
> > Dear All, I have an international student who is interested in Multiple
> > intelligences and ESL or MI by ethnicity or language group.  Do anyone of
> > you have a place for her to start in researching the topic?  Thanks.  f
> --
> Sean McGrew
> GSE, University of Pennsylvania


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