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3rd Global Conference
Cybercultures: Exploring Critical Issues

Thursday 11th - Saturday 13th August 2005
Prague, Czech Republic

Call for Papers
(please cross post where appropriate)

This inter- and multi-disciplinary conference aims to examine, explore and
critically engage with the issues and implications created by the growth of
cybercultures and the continuing emergence of new media for human living and
culture. In particular the conference will encourage innovative dialogues in
wrestling with theoretical and practical debates which surround the cultural
contexts within which emerging media and technological advances are occurring.

Papers, presentations, workshops and reports are invited on any of the following

1. Cyberspace and Cyberculture
Disciplinary and inter-disciplinary perspectives in cyberspace and cyberculture.
Identifying key features and issues.

2. Cybermedias: New Media and Technology
Defining the characteristics and features of 'new' media; histories and theories
of new media; technology as a culture; visual culture and the impact of
entertainment; digital communications and ways of relating. New forms of literacy.

3. The Virtual and Virtuality
The rise of the internet, www, and online 'communities'; interaction,
interactivity and interfaces; private and public space; regulation; risk; issues
of access and control; knowledge management; education; security issues. The
influence of AI; weak and strong artificial intelligence, cluster intelligence
and agent driven intelligence

4. Cyberpunk: Writing and Film
Art related communication of cyber worlds. Themes emerging and developing within
cyberpunk. Fiction, science fiction, anime, film. Cyberpunk as a subculture.
Cyberpunk as a medium for exploring the nature of persons.

5. Digital and Interactive Arts
Collaborative hypermedia projects; Net.Art and Digital Culture; New
Textualities: Hyperfiction, Cyberliterature

6. Computers and Games
The aesthetic and architectural aspects of computer games. Advergames, online
games, narrative and games.

7. Identities, Bodies, Cyborgs and the Human
Robot, Androids, Cyborgs. Birth of the Cyber body and cyber human. Gender
related issues, cross gender bodies and human machine bodies.

8. Cybercultures and Politics
The impact and influence on national and local politics. Cybercultures and
democracy. New media in political contexts; new forms of citizenship; new media
in social and economic contexts; the 'modern' society.

9. Cybercultures, Cybersubcultures and Communities
Social movements and the shaping of individual and collective identities; the
impact and implications of increasing globalisation. cyberprotest, activism,
anti-globalisation and social mobilisation. Social exclusion.

These are indicative themes. Papers are welcome on these and related themes.

Papers will be considered on any related theme. 300 word abstracts should be
submitted by Friday 3rd June 2005. If an abstract is accepted for the
conference, a full draft paper should be submitted by Friday 29th July 2005.

300 word abstracts should be submitted to the Organising Chairs; abstracts may
be in Word, WordPerfect, PDF or RTF formats

Dr Owen Kelly
Arcada Polytechnic
Email: owen at egon.arcada.fi

Dr Rob Fisher
Freeland, Oxfordshire
United Kingdom
Email: rf at inter-disciplinary.net

Stephen Morris
Independent Scholar,
New York, USA
Email: smmorris58 at yahoo.com

The conference is part of the ‘Critical Issues’ programme of research projects.
It aims to bring together people from different areas and interests to share
ideas and explore various discussions which are innovative and exciting.

All papers accepted for and presented at this conference will be published in an
ISBN eBook. Selected papers will be developed for publication in a themed hard
copy volume.

For further information about the project please visit:

For further Information about the conference please visit:

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