[EDLING:790] Re: Dyslexia and Language Learning?

Francis M. Hult fmhult at DOLPHIN.UPENN.EDU
Wed May 4 10:52:12 UTC 2005

I forward, with permission, a reply I received off-list since I thought
everyone might find it useful as well.



The problem you're addressing has been subject to discussion for quite some
time in Sweden. You might say that the popular opinion, as well as the
official political standpoint over here, is quite the contrary to what
you're describing. Children and adult learners with learning disabilities,
such as dyslexia, are entitled (at least in theory) to compensatory aids,
additional help from special trained teachers, etc. throughout the
educational system. Much research has been made in Sweden and Norway, but
unfortunately much of this work might not be available in English. I can
recommend, however, the works och Ingvar Lundberg and Torleiv Hoien, should
you be able to find it in English. Below are some references to other
publications in English, that might be useful to you. Good luck!

Westwood, Peter: Reading and learning difficulties: approaches to teaching
and assessment, London, 2004
Magnusson, Tina: Assessment of writing difficulties and evaluation of
computerized writing support, Stockholm, 2002
Reid, Gavin: Dyslexia and inclusion: Classroom approaches for assessment,
teaching and learning, London, 2005


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