[EDLING:793] looking for article(s)

Manka M. Varghese mankav at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Wed May 4 17:43:02 UTC 2005

Dear colleagues,

I am looking for an article or more around the following issue - I have had supervisors in schools in the United States ask me whether students who are learning from a teacher who speaks her variety of English but who does not use all aspects of Standard American English English (e.g. "s" for plurals, lack of articles, etc.) will tranfer that to their own language development.  I remember from my SLA classes and readings that they do not - would any of you be able to help me with locating articles regarding this?

Thank you.

Manka M. Varghese
Assistant Professor
Language, literacy, and culture
University of Washingon
College of Education

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