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Hi--isn't a piece of this who the learner's peers are?  The research on
influence of peers showed that it is stronger than that of the teacher.  I
don't have time to look it up, but maybe in Gass and Selinker in the
affective or socio-cultural sections.

Not all of the puzzle but there has to be some exposure, some input,  for
the learners to begin hypothesizing about.

Just a quick thought.
sounds like there have been parental complaints and supervisors/
superintendents may be looking for an excuse to get rid of someone or at
least some way of dealing with parental complaints.

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> Dear colleagues,
> I am looking for an article or more around the following issue - I have
> had supervisors in schools in the United States ask me whether students
> who are learning from a teacher who speaks her variety of English but who
> does not use all aspects of Standard American English English (e.g. "s"
> for plurals, lack of articles, etc.) will tranfer that to their own
> language development.  I remember from my SLA classes and readings that
> they do not - would any of you be able to help me with locating articles
> regarding this?
> Thank you.
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