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Sorry I missed the beginning of this conversation. Where can I get more information about Gerald's theory?
Linda Bender
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> Dear Gerald 
> I would suggest Tomasello (2003) 'Constructing a Language: A Usage-Based 
> Theory of Language Acquisition'. He suggests that SVO (and language use) 
> stems from our unique capacity for joint attention on an object. This seems 
> to be related to your thesis. 
> Best wishes, 
> Kent Hill 
> I checked out the abstract for this book, but there is not very much in 
> common with my book "The Child's Secret of Learning." 
> Emotions is half of language. Unless the writer can illustrate the 
> interdynamics of our cognitive faculty with our emotional one in producing 
> language, I find it impossible to take the thesis seriously. Neither 
> cognitive nor behavioural constructions are able to reflect how we can 
> spontaneously generate this mysterious amalgam of thought and emotion. 
> My thesis is more parallel to Jungian psychology which uses a quartet of 
> characteristics to describe personality. I describe and illustrate the 
> interaction of a quartet of fundamental personality characteristics which by 
> combining into one common sense then provides the template for basic 
> language structure and its dynamics. 
> Ever run into anything like that? 
> Gerald van Koeverden 
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