[EDLING:1000] Re: Reimbursing Your Participants

Raquel Sanchez raq at STANFORD.EDU
Wed Sep 21 18:43:03 UTC 2005

You need to consider the age of your participants.  The incentive should be
enough to compensate them for their time, but not enough to constitute

$10/hour might be insulting to a doctoral student, but it might be
attractive to a 5th grader.

On 9/20/05 1:27 PM, "Shannon Sauro" <totoro2 at dolphin.upenn.edu> wrote:

> I have been looking deeply into my own financial coffers to determine just how
> much I can afford to reimburse my participants.  I have often seen
> advertisements offering volunteers US$10 for 30 minutes to an hour of their
> time to participate in studies of business decisions.  In other cases,
> volunteers are offered $40 and a picture of their brains for 20-40 minutes in
> an MRI.
> But what is the going rate for reimbursing those who participate in studies of
> langauge learning, particularly those involving pre and post-testing in
> addition to periods of treatment?
> What do you find sufficient for reimbursing your participants?
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> Shannon Sauro

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