[EDLING:1001] CFP: Teaching Writing and Literature

Francis M Hult fmhult at DOLPHIN.UPENN.EDU
Wed Sep 21 23:35:09 UTC 2005

> "Writing and Literature: Teaching New Audiences and Each Other," MnSCU Conference on Writing
> & Literature, October 28-29, 2005, hosted by Inver Hills Community College
> Over the past thirty years, the teaching of writing and literature, separately or together, 
>has changed significantly. Developments in computer-assisted and online instruction, 
>influences from writing across the curriculum initiatives, and shifts in missions and 
>student populations at two-year colleges and universities are just some of the ways 
>teaching writing and literature has become "new," especially in the MnSCU system. An 
>ever-increasing menu of pedagogies has also contributed to the variety and complexity of 
>teaching writing and literature today.
> Therefore, conference organizers seek both individual and panel proposals from all faculty members (full-time, adjunct, and teaching assistant) that address any aspect of teaching college writing and literature, separately or together. Possible topics include the following:
> *	Composition 
> *	Developmental writing 
> *	Writing about literature 
> *	Writing/literature in the MnSCU divisions (technical, community, and 4-year institutions) 
> *	Writing across the curriculum/writing-intensive courses 
> *	Computers and writing/literature (computer-assisted and online instruction) 
> *	The teaching of writing or literature to nonnative speakers 
> *	The teaching of writing or literature to nontraditional students 
> *	Creative writing (both craft and creative work) 
> *	Technical writing & communication 
> *	Transferability of skills/contents to future courses and work 
> *	Cross-institutional discussions/influences among colleges or between high schools and colleges/universities 
> *	Working conditions/teaching loads/adjunct issues 
> *	Placement and exit procedures 
> *	Writing competencies 
> *	Diversity in the writing and literature classrooms 
> *	Research on writing and literature  
> This discipline-specific conference is made possible with funds for Discipline/Program 
>Workshops from the MnSCU Center for Teaching and Learning with generous funding from the 
>Office of the Chancellor; therefore, the registration fee is waived for MnSCU members. 
>However, the conference is open to anyone interested in the teaching and learning of 
>writing and literature at the college level. 
>  Please send a 500 word abstract with panel or paper proposal information including 
>title of paper(s), and name, address, email, and affiliation of presenter(s) by October 
>1, 2005.  Panels are scheduled for one hour with reading time for individual papers no 
>more than fifteen minutes. Send proposals via e-mail to Dr. Randall McClure, Department 
>of English, Minnesota State University at randall.mcclure at mnsu.edu.

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