[EDLING:1683] CFP: A Symposium of Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literature, Linguistics, and Visual Culture

Francis M Hult fmhult at DOLPHIN.UPENN.EDU
Tue Jun 27 16:07:41 UTC 2006

Via Linganth...

> A Symposium of Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literature, Linguistics, and 
> Visual Culture
> The Georgetown University graduate students in the Department of Spanish and 
> Portuguese invite all interested graduate students to the second annual 
> Graduate Portuguese and Hispanic Symposium (GRAPHSY), which will be held on 
> Friday, September 29 and Saturday, September 30 , 2006.
> The organizing committee will consider papers related to Hispanic and 
> Luso-Brazilian Literature, Linguistics, and Cultural Studies, as well as 
> requests for the formation of special sessions organized around a specific 
> topic, author or work. These sessions are limited to three papers.
> Papers may examine the conference topic from a variety of perspectives, 
> including linguistic, social, psychological, cultural, theoretical, 
> political, ideological, and/or artistic. Possible panel topics and papers 
> might include, but are not limited to:
> Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Linguistics
> Phonology and morphology of Spanish and Portuguese
> Syntax of Spanish and Portuguese
> Semantics-Pragmatics of Spanish and Portuguese
> Diachronic and dialectal variation in Spanish and Portuguese
> Sociolinguistics: language contact (including bilingualism, codeswitching),
> language policy and endangered languages in the Iberian
>             Peninsula and the Americas
> Acquisition of Spanish and Portuguese as a first, second or subsequent
> language (including issues in instructed second language acquisition and
> research methodology)
> Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literature and Cultural Studies
> Trans-Atlantic voyages, pilgrimages, and shipwrecks
> National and post-national utopias
> (Mis)representations in performance and visual culture
> North/ South Dialogues: US Latino Studies
> Intertextuality and tales of exchange
> Migrations, exile, and new frontiers and spaces
> With(in) and beyond the body: gender identities and politics
> Ethnographic writing
> Representations of violence
> Politics of the memory: trauma and turmoil
> Please submit by July 1st, 2006 two separate 250-word abstracts in 
> Portuguese, English or Spanish.
> We only accept electronic submissions to GRAPHSY2006 at gmail.com
> -- On one abstract, please include the title of proposed paper, name, 
> academic affiliation, current address, telephone, and e-mail address of each 
> presenter.
> -- The second abstract should be anonymous.
> The paper presentation is limited to 20 minutes (8-10 double-spaced pages).
> Registration:
> General registration fee for all presenters is $40 (late or on-site official 
> attendance registration is $50).   This fee includes the cost of all food 
> and beverages provided only to conference participants.
> The keynote speakers will be Professor Vicky Unruh of the University of 
> Kansas for Literature and Professor John Lipski of Penn State University for 
> Linguistics.

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