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r.e. Don't Give Up, Socrates Lingua European Union Education Project

The "Don't Give Up" project needs your help to understand why students drop out of language
courses. Our website has more information about the project . The website is
available in 4 languages English, Spanish, Czech and Polish.

The project has now advanced to the stage were a questionnaire is ready and we would be very
grateful if language educators can add your knowledge and expertise to the project.

The questionnaire includes many areas about language courses, schools and learning, as we
know the answer to motivating students is not simple.

Possibly there is additional information or ideas that you have; we would love to here your
thoughts. The questionnaire is only available in English at the moment.

To directly download the questionnaire you can use this link:

We hope to have completed the questionnaire stage of the project before the end of October 
so replies before then would be much appreciated.

Best regards and thank you for your expert input

Dagmar Pelikanova

Jazykov=E1 =94kola s pr=E1vem st=E1tn=ED jazykov=E9 zkou=94ky PELIK=C1N, s.r=
Lidick=E1 9,
Brno, Czech Republic
Don't Give Up
Tel:    +420 777 822 296
Email: dont_give_up at
Socrates European Union Project
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