CFP: 2008 Asia TEFL International Conference

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Call for Presentations     


The 2008 Asia TEFL International Conference  


Globalizing Asia: The Role of ELT         


August 1-3, 2008         


Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel, Bali, Indonesia      


The deadline for submission of presentation proposals is February 10, 2008


The Asia TEFL International Conference Committee is now accepting presentation proposals in the content areas listed below for its 6th conference to be held in Bali, Indonesia, in August, 2008. The official language for the conference, including presentations and submissions, is English.


Call for Presentations on the following Subtopics (Content Areas):          


The Conference Organizing Committee invites abstracts and presentation proposals on the following subtopics (content areas):   

1.         ELT: Asia's Global Visa? Presentations in this subtopic area deal with the role of ELT in Globalizing Asia: How important is ELT in preparing Asian human resources to work in the global market? They may also discuss the use of English in Asian globalization, for example the issue of subtitling into English or English dubbing of Asian media production for global market, or the production of English language products for the global market.

2.         Asianizing English: This subtopic deals with the global-local linguistic exchanges in English language teaching. It looks at the emergence of new Asian Englishes and examine the linguistic borrowings from Asian languages.

3.         English and Asian Languages: This subtopic examines the partnership or rivalry of English and Asian languages within the process of Asian globalization. Presentations in this subtopic area may also look at the popularity of English among Asian younger generation and may consider the place of English in the new linguistic configuration in diverse localities in Asia.

4.         Responding to Global Competition in Providing English Language Services: This subtopic area covers strategies of Asian ELT centers in providing the best services in the global competition.

5.         Educating the Teachers: Preparing International Standard Professionals: This subtopic area deals with the challenges in educating ELT teachers in order to prepare teachers with the teaching skills and knowledge that will enable them to meet international standards and to adjust teaching techniques and materials to local needs, and to introduce teachers to multiculturalism.

6.         The Use of Information Technology in ELT Resulting from Local-Global Interaction and the Global Market: This subtopic area examines various uses of information technology (e.g., distance learning, computer-based testing) in reaching out to the widening ELT market in Asia.

7.         Cultural Values in Language Teaching: This subtopic area discusses how Asian cultural values enrich Asian English, impact ELT in Asian contexts, and examine Asian reception and negotiation of Western cultural values in English.

8.         Facing the Realities of Asian Classrooms: This subtopic area discusses strategies for facing the multidimensional contexts and realities of Asian classrooms, its educational environment and tradition, the dynamics of teacher-student interaction, etc.

9.         Reconsidering the Use of International Proficiency Tests: Should emerging Asian Englishes be taken into account?

10.       Using Local Literatures in English or Translations for Teaching English: This subtopic will deal with the use of the growing regional literature materials in English and local literature in translation, which are more culturally relevant to the audience for the development of critical thinking and cultural awareness in the students.

11.       Other subtopics related to the content areas listed below:

? Alternative Approaches and Methodologies
? Curriculum/Materials Design
? Distance Education
? Education/Language Policy
? International/Intercultural Communication
? Language Acquisition
? Material Writing and Design
? Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles
? Teacher Education
? Teaching Young Learners
? Testing, Assessment, and Evaluation
? The Use of IT in Language Teaching
? Using Local Literatures in English or translations for teaching English 



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