CFP: 30th Language Testing Research Colloquium

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Second Call for Papers
30th Language Testing Research Colloquium
June 25th-28th, 2008, Hangzhou, China
Theme: Focusing on the Core: Justifying the Use of Language Assessments to


Proposals are solicited for presentations in the following categories: 1)
research papers, 2) symposia, 3) posters, and 4) "work in progress"
sessions. Preference will be given to proposals that are clearly related to
the theme, "Focusing on the Core: Justifying the Use of Language Assessments
to Stakeholders."

Types of Presentations

1) RESEARCH PAPERS: This format is best suited to theoretically oriented
presentations, or the presentation of completed research. Paper
presentations will be 20 minutes in duration, and will be followed by 10
minutes for questions and comments from the audience. Proposals for
presentations of test development should be submitted as poster sessions
(see below), while proposals for presentations of research in progress
should be submitted under works in progress (see below).

Proposals which are not accepted as papers may also be considered as posters
or works in progress, although submitting a proposal as a paper does not
guarantee that it will be accepted in one of those formats. If your proposal
is more appropriate as a poster or work in progress, please submit it as
such; your chance of acceptance will be greater.

2) SYMPOSIA: Symposia are presentations that involve multiple presenters on
a single theme, and are best suited to the discussion of research and
theory. Symposia may last up to two hours, and may include up to four
individual presenters.

3) POSTER SESSIONS: Poster sessions provide an opportunity for the
presentation of test development projects, new tests, and technological
innovations. Poster presenters will be allocated a specific day and time
during which they will display and discuss their posters.

4) WORK IN PROGRESS SESSIONS: These sessions will provide an opportunity for
the presentation of work in progress and research that is being planned. The
idea is that presenters will be able to discuss their unfinished research or
research plans with other participants, and receive comments and suggestions
on how best to proceed with their research.


All proposals will be submitted electronically. Go to to submit your proposal. A submission
instructions document is available at or you may click the "Submit
Proposal Instructions" link along the bottom frame of any page for
assistance. First time users will need to register a new account by
following the "Register an account" link. Once users sign in, they will be
able to create, edit, or delete their proposals until the submission
deadline. They will also be able to view the status of their proposals
(i.e., not yet reviewed, reviewed and accepted, or reviewed and rejected),
as well as any comments made by reviewers.


The website for on-line submissions will request the following information:

1. Type of presentation (1, 2, 3, or 4 above)
2. Title of presentation
3. Presenter information: Name(s) of the author(s) in the order you would
like them to appear in the program, their institutional affiliation(s), and
the location of the institution(s)
4. The name of the author to be the correspondent (the author to whom all
correspondence should be sent).
5. E-mail address of correspondent
6. Fax number of correspondent, including country code if not in the U.S.A.
or Canada
7. Office telephone number of correspondent
8. Audio-Visual equipment required (OHP and computer projector will be
provided for all presentations)
9. The abstract: no longer than one-page, single-spaced

DEADLINE FOR RECEIPT OF PROPOSALS: NOVEMBER 14, 2007. The correspondent will
be notified of acceptance or non-acceptance in early January 2008.

Check for current information at the LTRC 2008 webpage:

June 23 (Monday) & 24 (Tuesday)

Main sessions:
June 25 (Wednesday) - June 28 (Saturday)

Registration: Details regarding registration will follow.
Location: Zhejiang Xizi Hotel, Hangzhou, China. See the hotel's website for
more information:
Room rates: TBA
Conference Organizing Committee:
Lyle F. Bachman, University of California, Los Angeles (lfb at
Nathan T. Carr, California State University, Fullerton (ncarr at
He Lianzhen, Zhejiang University (lianzhen_he at
Jin Yan, Shanghai Jiaotong University (yjin at
Antony John Kunnan, California State University, Los Angeles
(akunnan at
Yang Huizhong, Shanghai Jiaotong University (hzyang at

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