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Job Opening: Peace Corps Language Testing Specialist


Peace Corps has an opening for a language training specialist to oversee their proficiency testing program.  Closing date for applications is October 26. For further details go to <>  and look under "agency jobs and info."  


Here is an excerpt from the full announcement.


 Announcement #: DPC7-A0206-LH  Training Specialist  (Equivalent to GS-13)

This position is located in the Overseas Training Division of the Center for Field Assistance and Applied Research, the Peace Corps' focus of technical assistance, research and innovation to advance volunteer and staff achievement of Peace Corps' goals. The Center responds directly to field needs and supports innovative strategies in technical and information support, training, language program development and measurement, cross-cultural learning, partnership development and the professional development of overseas staff. 


The Peace Corps language program focuses on providing guidelines, concepts and techniques for conducting training, provides guidelines for integrating language and cross cultural training and managing a training and certification program for measuring individual proficiency and the overall effectiveness of language training at Posts. 


The incumbent will: oversee the agency's language proficiency testing program using the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) scale; oversee the collection and evaluation of language testing results; and support other language training initiatives. The incumbent will report to the Chief of the Overseas Training Division. 

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