US: Txt msgs creep in2 class; some say thats gr8

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Txt msgs creep in2 class; some say thats gr8


Ask the students in Elisabeth Haen's journalism class if the text messages that they send so ubiquitously creep into their school work and the hands go up and the smiles grow. 


"I write 'cuz' a lot, instead of 'because'," said Nick Miron, 17. "And I forget apostrophes."


Each month, thousands of students in the Twin Cities metro area send millions of text messages to their BFFs (best friends forever), sistrs (sisters) and prnts (parents). So it's no surprise that text-message lingo such as CU (see you), B4 (before), GR8 (great) -- and its absence of punctuation and grammar -- has migrated into school work. 


Its appearance is dividing teachers in Minnesota and across the nation. Some can't stand seeing the lingo in any form. Others say it may be a way to keep kids writing. 


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