Speaking English in Korean Culture

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The Korea Times


Speaking English in Korean Culture


By Richard E. Lucchesi


Though many might disagree, I believe that the biggest obstacle for Koreans to fluently learn English is their reluctance to fully grasp and accept western culture. Learning to speak any language as a second language is no small order, and requires years of dedicated study and considerable exposure to the language. Studying abroad is a big plus, but not necessary, as several European friends I'm acquainted with speak English fluently and have never lived in an English speaking country. A desire for true second language acquisition is, as well, a key factor. 

A Korean growing up in Korea, contrary to those living in Europe, has a nearly overwhelming task to speak English naturally and fluently. For starters, Korean grammar is poles apart from that of English. This grammar challenge facing Koreans to learn English, however, is not an impossible endeavor, and many believe they can triumph over it with years of dedicated study.


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