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Call for Papers

Current Issues in Language Planning (ISSN 1466-4208) is announcing a Call for Papers for a forthcoming issue on “Language planning in universities: education, research and administration”.

The editor for this issue is Tony Liddicoat <Tony.Liddicoat at unisa.edu.au<mailto:Tony.Liddicoat at unisa.edu.au>>. Please send proposal by email. It is anticipated that papers will be published in 2016.

The deadline for receipt of abstracts is 15 October, 2015.

The deadline for receipt of the final paper is 1 March, 2016.

Educational institutions have been given a strong emphasis in work on micro-language planning (Baldauf, 2006; Chua & Baldauf, 2011; Liddicoat & Baldauf, 2008). In universities, there has been considerable interest in the role of languages in the work of universities, especially in recent moves to the wider use English as a language of instruction and also in the normalising of English as a language of research. In universities language planning may deal with language decision-making related to teaching, research and/or administration. In the area of teaching, universities’ language planning may relate to issues such as:

•         what languages are offered at different levels of learning to either students specialising in languages or to not specialist learners

•         what languages are used as media of instruction

•         what language knowledge is required/expected of higher education students (on admission, on graduation or in post-graduate study)

•         how (and which) language abilities are assessed

•         how the language needs of international students are catered for by the institutions
In research, institutions may develop policies on:

•         languages of research work and research publication

•         developing and supporting the language abilities of researchers

•         providing research-related language services for academics or graduate students
In their administration, institutions may plan:

•         which languages are used in the functioning of the institution for internal or external communication

•         how majority and minority languages are represented in the institution

•         which language are used to deliver services or information to students

•         how institution implement or respond to macro-level language planning decisions

•         This issue of Current Issues in Language Planning aims to draw develop an understanding of the range of language planning work that is currently occurring in universities and the ways that languages, and indeed questions of multilingualism and monolingualism are worked out in higher education.
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