[Edling] 19 September is International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Francis Hult francis.hult at englund.lu.se
Mon Sep 18 19:21:47 EDT 2017

Avast me hearties and hear ye!

The 19th of September is International Talk Like a Pirate Day:

'Tis a day for landlubbers to try out our linguistic sea legs.  Why not celebrate a pirate's favorite letter? Arrrr!  Throw back a nipperkin of Nelson's folly, run a rig on some rapscallion or sing some shanties.  Ho!  A glossary of pirate words and phrases:

Here be some pirate jokes:

And since the scurvy dogs at Google Translate left out Pirate, use this online translator:

It has even been told in Fiddler's Green that a buccaneer can set their Facebook language to Pirate:

Be merry today and talk like a pirate...

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