[Edling] The expanded CEFR project: a not so good initiative by the Council of Europe

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Thanks so much for circulating this interesting document!
Can anyone suggest a published source for the document reference to the following:

  1.  'The use of the CEFR to regulate migratory flows is already known'

Many thanks, in advance.
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The expanded CEFR project: a not so good initiative by the Council of Europe

Le projet d'amplification du CECR : une fausse bonne initiative du Conseil de l'Europe

The expanded Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) project, submitted
for a consultation which closed last 15th February, has come to our attention. Its objectives are said to:
- cover areas for which there were no descriptor scales in the original version (e.g. mediation,
reactions to literature, telephone / telecommunications, online interaction);
- enrich the description of level A1, and
- to reinforce the description of the C levels, particularly the C2 level, for which most
descriptors were not calibrated "(Descriptors illustrating the levels of the CEFR - 2016 pilot
version for consultation, p.3).

Apart from a few specific aspects addressing a welcome vigilance (that calls into question the notion
of the native speaker, etc.), the whole project essentially aims at reinforcing calibration and descriptors
extended to levels and areas not hitherto covered.

Full text:

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