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Joseph Tomei jtomei at
Tue Nov 21 05:16:54 UTC 1995

Since 'endangered languages' includes those languages which currently have
a power base but are in danger from encroaching world languages, those of
you who are working in those situations might be interested in a new
magazine called MultiLingual Computing (subtitled: The Magazine of Language
Technology), which deals with, among other points, the problems of the
localization of software products (rough definition 'putting everything
associated with the program or the computer in a target language'). It's
definitely for the computer-literate programming type, but it might be
useful to know to suggest as a reference for people interested in this

The cover price is $5.95(US) and it's published 6 times a year. The address is:
Multilingual Computing, Inc.
111 Cedar St.
Sandpoint, Idaho 83864 USA
info at

Joseph Tomei
Hokkaido University,Institute of Language and Culture
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