Navajo Language Textbook

Ben Lockard lockard at
Sun Nov 26 17:37:27 UTC 1995

Salina Bookshelf in Flagstaff, Arizona has recently published "Din=E9=
Speak, Read, Write Navajo" by Irvy W. Goossen (325 pp., $25), a new
first-year Navajo textbook from the author of the most widely used
introduction to the language, "Navajo Made Easier: A Course in
Conversational Navajo" (revised edition, 1977). "Din=E9 Bizaad" like=
earlier book, emphasizes conversational acquisition and its 30 chapter
introduce vocabulary and grammar around cultural or practical themes. Salina
Bookshelf has also reprinted Ann Nolan Clark's classic  1940 bilingual
children's reader, "Who Wants to be a Prairie Dog?" (64 pp., $9). Order from
Salina Bookshelf, 10250 Palomino Rd., Flagstaff, AZ 86004 (tel:
520/527-0070; fax 520/526-0386) e-mail lockard at

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