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Subject: "Language, Minorities and Human Rights" Information

I have taken the liberty of sending you .... [information about - tmc ]....  my
book which is coming out in about 4-5 weeks, "Language, Minorities and Human
Rights" by Dr. Fernand de Varennes. Den Haag, Boston, London, Kluwer Law
International, 1996, 550 pp.

Although the book is primarily aimed at jurists, I believe it can be of
interest to anyone involved in issues of ethnic/linguistic conflicts and
minorities. I would be pleased to exchange views with anyone who has a
particular interest in these areas, and I will send you a description of a
number of articles I have written which will be appearing this year. I can
also send to those interested some of my articles which have already
appeared, such as one dealing with language and freedom of expression in
international law, or a few of my writings on the rights of indigenous


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