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The University of Montana Occasional Papers in Linguistics is about
to release its twelfth publication,

THOMPSON RIVER SALISH DICTIONARY.  Compiled by Laurence C. Thompson and
M. Terry Thompson.  UMOPL No. 12, 1996. Pp. xxvii + 1411.
ISBN No. 1-879763-12-5. Hard cover, US $45.

"This dictionary, the culmination of many years' study of the Thompson
language, will be of inestimable use to First Nations people and
linguists alike, both for its comprehensiveness and its accuracy."
  M. Dale Kinkade. University of British Columbia.

Delivery date: March , 1996.

For ordering information, consult the Linguistics Home Page
at the University of Montana,
or send an e-mail request to li_am at,
or write to UMOPL, Linguistics, U Montana, Missoula, MT 59812.

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