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On 26 Jan 1996 I posted the following query:

> Subject: Seeking Fishman refs
> (cross-posted to Endangered-Languages-L and Linguist)
> I am seeking the references to what I believe are two articles by 
> Fishman (at least one of which had co-author[s]).  Both appeared ca. 
> 1990-94, if I recall correctly.  One was Fishman's interpretation of 
> social and political forces underlying the English-only movement in the 
> U.S.A. in the late 1980s.  The other was a statistical analysis, 
> comparing multilingualism with economic development, civil strife etc., 
> using nation-states as the units of analysis.  If you have the 
> to these journal articles, please reply by private e-mail; I will post 
> the citations to this list later.  Thank you.

My thanks to those who contributed references:
  John DeVries <jdevries at>
  Russ Bernard <UFRUSS at>
  Jonathan Dembling <J_DEMBLI at>
  John David Duncan <jdd at>
  Jon Reyhner <Jon.Reyhner at>
  Barbara Pearson <BPEARSON at>
  James Crawford <JWCRAWFORD at>
  Daniel Nettle <ucsadne at>
  Ana Roca <ROCAA at>

Following are (edited) versions of the references sent to me.
I cannot vouch for their veracity.  Thanks again for the help.
Roy Iutzi-Mitchell <ffri at>

Fishman, Joshua A.
1988 "'English only': its ghosts, myths and dangers"
      _International Journal of the Sociology of Language_ 74, 125-140.

Joshua Fishman (1992). "The Displaced Anxieties of Anglo-Americans." In
James Crawford (Ed.). Language Loyalties: A Source Book on the Official
English Controversy (pp, 165-170). Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
(Abridged from "'English Only': Its Ghosts, Myths, and Dangers")

Fishman, Joshua A.  1991.  _Reversing Language Shift:  Theoretical and
Empirical Foundations of Assistance to Threatened Languags.  Clevedon:
Multilingual Matters.
There was a festschrift for Fishman in 1993. the volume is "language
planning".  The article you're looking for might be in there.

Fishmans' book _Language & Ethnicity in Minority Sociolinguistic Perspective_
(1989, Multilingual Matters) contains two articles which may be the ones
you're looking for: "Cross-Polity Perspective on the Importance of Linguistic
Heterogeneity as a 'Contributory Factor' in Civil Strife", and "Bias and
anti-intellectualism: the frenzied fiction of 'English Only'"

J.A. Fishman (1991). Interpolity perspective on the relationships between
linguistic heterogeneity, civil strife and per capita gross national
product.  _Applied Linguistics_, 1:5-18

Fishman's international comparisons on the social impact of linguistic
diversity is "Empirical Explorations of Two Popular Assumptions:
Inter-Polity Perspective on the Relationships between Linguistic
Heterogeneity, Civil Strife, and Per Capita Gross National Product," in
_Learning in Two Languages: From Conflict to Consensus in the 
Reorganization of Schools_, ed. Gary Imhoff (Transaction Publishers, 

J. Fishman (1968) "Some contrasts between linguistically homogenous and 
linguistically heterogenous polities." In J. Fishman, C. Ferguson, and J. 
Gupta, (eds.), _Language Problems of Developing Nations_, pp. 53-68. 
New York:  John Wiley.       An important follow up is:
J. Pool (1972) "National development and language diversity" 
In J. Fishman (ed.) _Advances in the Sociology of Language_, 
vol.2, pp. 213-230.  The Hague:  Mouton.

An article by Fishman, dealing with economics, in:  Ana Roca and 
CONTACT AND DIVERSITY, pp. 9-19.  Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 1993.

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