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Stabilizing Indigenous Languages
edited by Gina Cantoni

Available in April 1996, Stabilizing Indigenous Languages is the
proceedings of two symposia sponsored by the Office of Bilingual Education
and Minority Languages Affairs (OBEMLA) at Northern Arizona University in
1994 and 1995. This 256 page monograph is available for $2.00 mailing
costs. Write Jon Reyhner, Bilingual/Multicultural Education Program
Coordinator, Center for Excellence in Education, P. O. Box 5774, Northern
Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ 86011-5774. Make checks out to Northern
Arizona University. No purchase orders please. Quantity discounts on
shipping are available: phone 520 523 0580, FAX 520 523 1929, or e-mail
<Jon.Reyhner at>.

Selected Contents

Introduction, Gina Cantoni
Preface, Richard E. Littlebear
Rationale and Needs for Stabilizing Indigenous Languages, Jon Reyhner
Status of Native American Language Endangerment, Michael Krauss
Aboriginal Language Maintenance, Development, and Enhancement, Barbara
OBEMLA's Commitment to Endangered Languages, Dang T. Pham
Seven Hypotheses on Language Loss: Causes and Cures, James Crawford
Policy Documents: Native American Languages Act of 1990 & National Goals -
INAR Task Force
Families and Community Group Summary
What Do You Lose When You Lose Your Language?, Joshua Fishman
What My Hualapai Language Means To Me, Damon Clarke
Language Activists Panel Summary, Jon Reyhner
Written Statement, Rosemary Ackley Christensen
Media, Writers, Arts Session Summary, Laura Wallace
Written Statement, Ofelia Zepeda
Education Group Summary
Early Childhood Session Summary, Gary D. McLean
Schools - Language Acquisition Session Summary, Gary D. McLean
Schools - Developmental Session Summary, Ferlin Clark
Colleges and Universities Session Summary
Native American Student Panel Summary, Jon Reyhner & Deborah House
Adult Education Session Summary, Deborah House & Jon Reyhner
Hawaiian Language Programs, Kauanoe Kamana & William H. Wilson
Lower Kuskokwim Bilingual Programs, Beverly Williams, Kathy Gross, & Duane
Stories for Language Revitalization in Nahuatl & Chichimeca, Norbert
Francis & Rafael Andrade
Tuba City, Gary D. McLean and Jon Reyhner
Maintaining Languages: What Works and What Doesn't, Joshua Fishman
Selected Resources on Endangered Languages, Anthony C. Woodbury 
A Model for Promoting Native American Language Preservation and Teaching

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