Native Speaker Pay

John Bowden John_Bowden at
Wed Mar 20 09:29:16 UTC 1996

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Here's another person's $0.02 worth:

I'd like to agree with all of the things that Mark Donohue and Jonathan
Bobaljik have had to say about the impossibility of setting standard rates of
pay for native-speaking consultants in diverse socio-economic conditions.  

There's also one other issue that needs to be kept in mind in relation to all
of this, I think:  who says that the work done for me by someone who helped me
transcribe texts or go through grammatical paradigms is more important than
the help given me by someone who takes me fishing with them, chats with me
over a coffee or shows me how to sit down in a canoe without capsizing it?  

I agree wholeheartedly with Jonathon and Mark that different forms of payment
are going to be appropriate in different situations: linguists also need to
remember that paradigms and texts are not the only things we are getting from
the people we work with.

John Bowden.

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