Greg Davis psu01957 at odin.cc.pdx.edu
Wed May 8 22:55:40 UTC 1996

My name is Gregry Davis and am new to this list.  I am a graduate student 
in the Department of Applied Linguistics at Portland State University in 
Portland, Oregon, USA.  It recently came to my attention that although 
most books claim that there are no Kalapulyan speakers left, there is one 
native speaker who lives in California.  

Does have any information on Kalapulyan?  I know that it is a Penutian 
language, with Kalapulyans (formerly) living in the Willamette Valley of 
Oregon.  I appreciate any input you could make either to me personally or 
to the entire list.

Gregry M. Davis
psu01957 at odin.cc.pdx.edu
Portland State University
Dept. of Applied Linguistics 

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