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On Thu, 16 May 1996, jonathan david bobaljik wrote:
> We (Rob Pensalfini and Jonathan Bobaljik) are nearing the end of putting
> together a volume on language endangerment and preservation for the MIT
> Working Papers in Linguistics series, for the most part growing out of a
> series of informal seminars held here in 1995.

Dear Rob and Jonathan, we (Maurizio Oliva and Gretchen Mathis) are
currently working on an article on linguistic and cultural diversity in
the Internet environment and the role of the Italian language.
We recently started dealing with the issue of the decline of the Italian
language and would like to have some imput on this particular topic, if
you have anything relevant in your bibliography.
We will be glad to send you a copy of our current bibliography.

> extending the one prepared by Tony Woodbury in 1995.

Could you give us the full reference?

> Thank you all in advance
> Jonathan and Rob

Your work is very interesting and much needed, please keep us acquainted.


Maurizio Oliva Maurizio.Oliva at
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Salt Lake City, Utah 84112; W 801-585-3008 H 537-7016 F 581-7581

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