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Nancy M Lutz nlutz at siue.edu
Fri May 17 19:28:31 UTC 1996

     Hi, my name is Nancy Lutz, and I teach cultural and linguistic
anthropology at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.
     My primary area of research has been on Lamaholot and Indonesian
ritual and political language on the island of Adonara in eastern
     I am now beginning a new project which relates very much to
endangered languages, on ritual language in Mambai, a language of East
Timor. I am very interested in East Timorese endangered languages.
Numerically, Mambai is not yet "endangered", but because of the cultural
and political situation in East Timor, it is fair to say that ALL the
indigenous languages there are, or are potentially, endangered, and
therefore this is a significant issue. It is also an issue of great
interest to many East Timorese themselves. As East Timor opens up more
and more for collaborative research, and as more East Timorese themselves
are trained in linguistics and anthropology, I am hopeful that this is 
an area where positive and productive work can be done.
     If anyone on this list knows of other research being done on East
Timorese languages, I would love to hear of it!
     Thanks very much.


Nancy Melissa Lutz
Department of Anthropology
Box 1451
Southern Illinois University
Edwardsville, IL. 62026  USA

phone: (618) 692-2746
FAX: (618) 692-3509

e-mail: nlutz at siue.edu

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