J.A. Echeverri, 40, male, anthropologist... (2nd.trial)

storto at mit.edu storto at mit.edu
Mon Oct 21 19:48:17 UTC 1996

Dear Juan Echeverri,

I am a linguist working with an indigenous language of Brazil called
Karitiana. I have been doing field work among the Karitiana (Arikem
family, Tupi stock) since 91. The population amounts to 191 people, 18
of which are speakers of the language. They have been in contact since
the beginning of this century, and were able to keep their Karitiana
identity although they live 9 Km from Porto velho, the capital of the
state of Rondonia. I am in contact with a group of people in Brazil who
do similar work to mine, and I could get you in touch with them in
case you are interested.

Let me know.


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